Located in the heart of Southern California, Dynamic Enzyme is a true manufacturer of the most potent formulas of digestive enzymes on the market. Understanding that improper digestion is the underlying problem of most ailments and health issues that we encounter, we have committed our lives to crafting the most distinct and powerful products available. Our bodies were perfectly designed to naturally heal injuries and remove pathogens to ensure our best chances of surviving and flourishing. With modern diets straying from natural and raw foods, our bodies have becomes cluttered with processed foods filled with protein, carbohydrates, fats, and fibers. In order for our bodies to utilize its flawless defenses from intruders that make us sick, we are responsible for clearing the way for our body to work efficiently—by effectively breaking down the foods and supplements we put into it. Here at Dynamic Enzymes, we strive to produce the most advanced digestive enzymes with the highest quality possible. We provide our customers with the most innovative designs that are formulated in our very own laboratory. While using state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure good manufacturing practices (GMP) and genuine professionalism. Striving for revolutionary enzyme technology, we are proud to announce the debut of CoActive-8 enzyme enhancer to maximize efficacy of our vegetarian enzymes; setting us apart from the rest by being the very best.


Dynamic Enzymes began with a simple mission statement: Manufacture the most powerful and innovative digestive enzymes on the market without compromising quality, freshness, or efficiency. As a true manufacturer, we became overwhelmingly frustrated with companies selling products they knew nothing about. This not only compromised the safety of consumers but also the integrity of this industry. Dynamic Enzymes vow to provide consumers with innovative and expertly crafted digestive enzyme formula without sacrificing the very best ingredients, quality, design, or service. How do we uphold this bold promise? On-site scientist and laboratory: As a manufacturer, we’re privileged to employee some of best talent to design and test products for safety, potency, and quality. Our state-of-the-art equipment and laboratory allows our biochemist to thoroughly inspect every ingredient that is placed into each product in our line of digestive enzymes. Extensive Research: Our team of nutritional experts and scientist are constantly striving to enhance our products by consulting scientific resources, libraries, and literature. Of course, to provide the best product on the market, our team also carefully observes nutritional trends to remain the best at our craft. Quality Assurance (QA) and Control (QC): We have recruited some of the brightest QA & QC scientist in their field to routinely ensure that the products are at their very best. All of our products are tested time and time again to not only meet guidelines but to exceed our expectations and standards of quality. Vegetarian enzymes: Using enzymes to improve our health and even alleviate symptoms that result in discomfort isn’t a secret; however, the lack of education is a problem. Other companies have chosen to use animal enzymes that are not exactly the most considerate seeing as dietary restrictions exist. What those companies fail to mention is that not only are vegetarian enzymes healthier but their more stable. Scientific research on the benefits of vegetarian enzymes are plentiful but don’t take our word for it, read up on it…we’ll even provide you the literature. Education: Our staff at Dynamic Enzymes are highly trained with a background in biological studies. Their extensive research and blogs are often posted on our website to provide our customers with unbiased and reliable information about what our products are about. Certification: To ensure that our products are inclusive, all of our products are gluten-free, kosher certified ingredients, halal, and GMP certified. Incomparable customer service: Our staff of nutritional experts are always ready to answer your questions regarding products via email or phone. Whether your questions are about ingredients, supplement facts, or what the weather is like in Southern California today, our staff is more than qualified to address your questions and concerns.


CoActiv-8 is Dynamic Enzyme’s powerful blend of coenzymes and cofactors that function as a unique enzyme enhancer. CoActiv-8 is an original formula to give digestive enzymes the assistance they need to function at their full potential. In natural biological functions, some enzymes require the assistance of coenzymes and cofactors to carry out their designated task. Imagine enzymes as person of average build with the potential to carry a heavy box across the room, slightly slower but efficient. Coenzymes and cofactors would be a cart with four wheels that would make a task as simple as moving a heavy box across the room much more efficient. Dynamic Enzymes has cleverly designed an enzyme enhancer that ensures the most effective product on the market.