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Ω Lacto-Relief Floracor-GI FREE Digest-GI

$94.96 $64.97


Product Info

Buy Lacto-Relief with Floracor-GI for Better Absorption.
Nutrient absorption occurs within the small and large intestines, and the presence of natural and beneficial microflora assists in the proper digestion of foods. With continued improper digestion of milk and dairy foods, waste and toxic material can accumulate in the intestinal villi, limiting their absorptive ability while also promoting the growth of harmful bacteria and yeasts. Floracor-GI works to restore the balance of microflora, cleanse the intestines and remove toxins, enhancing their absorptive ability. By combining the powerful blend of digestive enzymes in Lacto-Relief with the intestinal cleansing formula of Floracor-GI, absorption is maximized for overall improved digestion.

FREE Digest-GI WITH PURCHASE! – A $29.99 Value
Digest-GI is a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme blend for optimal digestion of all foods. Digest-GI reduces stress on the gastrointestinal mucosa, which can boost immunity and decrease inflammation while enhancing the body’s nutrient intake and energy production.

Lacto-Relief (60 caps.) 1 Floracor-GI (180 caps.) 1 Digest-GI (90 caps.)=$94.96 NOW $64.97



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