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Ω Respiratory Health Bundle


Respiratory Health Bundle Support:

  • Respiratory & Sinus Systems*
  • Amends Mucus Elasticity and Viscosity Without Causing Mucus Depletion*

Serracor-NK 300 Capsules & Serrapeptase 80k 120 Capsules: $164.97
Serracor-NK 300 Capsules: $124.99
Serrapeptase 80k 120 Capsules: $39.98

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Product Info

Respiratory Health and Systemic Enzymes

Most respiratory conditions require immediate attention.  Respiratory conditions are progressive and minimal treatments are available. Progressive means that the conditions are often irreversible, which is why it is absolutely vital that you take action with an aggressive treatment. Most advanced respiratory issues have no approved treatments. Hence, alternative remedies are highly integrated to improve quality of life. Often the negative side effects of prescription medicine outweigh the possible benefits with prescription medications available today. Systemic Enzyme therapy has become a staple in patient’s treatment with these respiratory issues.

Some common symptoms of poor respiratory health are:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Dry cough
  • Reduced exercise tolerance
  • Fatigue
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Chest discomfort

Living with respiratory conditions is often times stressful.  Respiratory issues can be caused by various factors. Sometimes it may be linked to a particular cause, such as environmental factors. However, many times no known cause can be identified. The severity of symptoms can vary from person to person, but the outcome of your condition is in your hands.

Enzymes are found in every cell of living plants and animals, including humans.  Each and every enzyme is responsible for carrying out a certain function.  Such as, respiration, circulation, muscular skeletal, and many more.  While your body produces enzymes automatically, as you age the supply becomes depleted.  This can be due to everyday life choices, environmental elements, diet and stress.  An increasing number of people lead sedentary lifestyles, have irregular sleeping habits, and maintain unhealthy eating habits means sufficient amounts of enzymes are needed to be supplemented.   Supply your body with ample enzymes and prevent further wear and tear to your body.

Systemic Enzymes Support

Serracor-NK & Serrapeptase 80,000 SPU

Serracor-NK supports normal respiratory health, circulation.* For typical respiratory issues Serracor-NK alone often would suffice. However, for the more serious/severe conditions pairing Serracor-NK with an added dose of Serrapeptase is necessary. The added dose of Serrapeptase acts as a booster to Serracor-NK, promoting optimal desired benefits. When the combination of Serracor-Nk and Serrapeptase are taken together the enzymes produce a synergistic effect and amplify the beneficial properties of both enzymes utilized in unison collectively. An additional dose of serrapeptase provides the patient with the most aggressive tactic to address the conditions immediately and perhaps more importantly, most effectively.

This combination of Serracor-NK and Serrapeptase 80,000 SPU contain enteric-coated serrapeptase and nattokinase. The enteric coated allows enzymes to bypass the acidic environment of the stomach and reach the small intestine, where absorption occurs, increasing their bioavailability. This is a key factor to determine the efficiency of any systemic enzyme. Our enteric-coated serrapeptase and nattokinase has been formulated with the use of Methacrylic Acid Copolymer (MAAC), a phthalate-free and safe food-grade compound used in the pharmaceutical industry with no reported side effects. Without enteric coating, enzymes will denature in the stomach, and simply be a really expensive digestive enzyme. Our enteric-coated formula ensures you get the most out of your systemic enzyme.

Combining Serrapeptase 80,000 SPU to your Serracor-NK regimen supports the body’s utilization of systemic enzymes and enhances a healthier respiratory function. Serracor-NK’s proprietary formula has been used for years with much success. Used safely for over a decade, Serracor-NK and Serrapeptase 80,000 SPU is used a natural and effective way to support the body’s overall response to inflammation.* In addition, our systemic enzyme blend is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 and GMP certified facility.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat,cure,or prevent any disease.

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