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Ω Vida-Defense Floracor-GI FREE Digest-GI

$175.93 $145.94


Product Info

Buy Vida-Defense with Floracor-GI for Better Absorption.
The small and large intestines play an important role as the first line of immune defense against harmful microbes, such as CandidaFloracor-GI maintains a healthy balance of microflora while cleansing the intestine of toxins, enhancing absorptive ability.

Combine Floracor-GI with the blend of powerful systemic enzymes found in Vida-Defense to boost your body’s defense response on multiple fronts, improving antibiotic and anti-inflammatory activity.

FREE Digest-GI WITH PURCHASE! – A $29.99 Value
DigeSEB-GI is a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme blend for optimal digestion of all foods. DigeSEB-GI reduces stress on the gastrointestinal mucosa, which can boost immunity and decrease inflammation while enhancing the body’s nutrient intake and energy production.

1 Vida-Defense (180 caps) 1 Floracor-GI (180 caps) 1 Digest-GI (90 caps)= $175.93 NOW $145.94



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